Standard GoLo

The standard GoLo can transport up to 1400L while still being quite compact. The standard version is 87 cm wide and can easily fit on any cycling path, sidewalk and through street pillars without taking up too much space. The Internal width between the wheels is still 62cm

Wide Version

Our wide version is 20cm wider at 107cm but more importantly with 82cm between the wheels. This version can accommodate a full EUR-pallet, a wheelchair or just more cargo. The front width stays the same, maintaining the small turning radius.

Modular loading system, Extremely versatile!

Choose your drivetrain

Choose your range

Choose your cargo solution

Choose your weather protection

Brand it!

Your GoLo!
Your LoGo!

Found your ideal GoLo? Let’s make it your own! We can deliver the GoLo in bare aluminium or powdercoated in any color. Want to take it a step further? The GoLo and different cargo solutions are all designed to have multiple flat surfaces, ideal for custom branding!